Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Letter To Kyler Jace Martin

Hi Buddy, I was sitting beside your crib watching you sleep (not as creepy as it sounds) and an idea came to me… I wanted to write you a letter. So… here goes.

Dear Kai,
You are now 4 days old. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 4 days, but when you don’t sleep I guess you lose track of time.

People told me my life would change once you arrived. It actually changed a lot even before you got here. Your mom carried you around for 9 months, and despite her loss of energy, limited mobility and swelling feet, never complained once. We would be sitting on the couch watching a movie and she’d grab my hand and put it just under her ribs where you were kicking.

I couldn’t believe there was a little person inside of her!

You grew inside of your mom and your room inside her started to get a little tight, so you’d squirm and kick a little harder trying to find some more space. I guess you liked it in there, because the day the doctor told us you’d arrive came and went without any action.

One week later we went to the hospital to see if the doctors could encourage you to give up the soft, warm bubble you were living in and come meet your mom and me. This was when I discovered just how tough your mom is. She walked around for a couple hours even though she was in a lot of pain. (We’d take frequent breaks so she could bend over and try to catch her breath after the wave of pain hit)

After the doctor said we can stop walking, your mom’s body started to get ready to let you come out. This is very painful, and because you are a boy (like me), you’ll never have to feel pain like this. She asked for some medication to help the pain go down, but the doctor was very busy and couldn’t come give her the medication for a long time. But your mom never complained, never got mad, never said anything bad. She did her breathing just like she was taught and fought her way through it.

The doctor came later that night with the medication and it made a big difference. Instead of making a scrunchy face because it hurt, your mom was laughing and joking and playing a game with Scraps and me.

The doctor said you were going to be a big baby, but no one knew just how big you were going to be. (11lbs is very big!) Your mom pushed for about and hour before the doctor had to leave for an emergency, so we took a break for about an hour.

When the doctor came back, your mom started pushing again, trying to help you escape from your cramped quarters inside of her. Two hours later you were so close we could see the top of your head! We were all very tired, especially your mom, but you were so close we decided to give it another couple of tries. The doctor asked your mom if she wanted to use a vacuum or some big tongs to help get you out, but she was determined to do it herself. I knew she could do it.

One more (big) push and out you came! You looked like an alien. You were purple, covered in goo and kind of floppy. The doctor’s grabbed you and rushed you over to their baby station to clean you off. You had already had your first poop, and they wanted to clean you off before we started taking pictures.

After the doctors cleaned you and your mom up, Grandma, Grandpa, Grand-dad, Scraps and even aunt Sandra came in to see you. You were so cute!

We stayed in the hospital for another 2 nights, just to make sure you and your mom were ok before they sent us home.

You seem to like your new room. You’ve been opening your eyes and looking around at the giraffes, monkeys, elephants and tigers on your wall. We’ve still got some schedule problems, you like to sleep during the day when I want to play, and at night when I want to sleep, you’re awake. That’s okay though, we’ll get used to each other soon.

She’ll never tell you this because she doesn’t like to brag, but your mom is amazing. She was so tough on the day you were born, and she loves you so much. You’re going to get to spend the next year home with her, and I’m kind of jealous I don’t get to hang out with you guys.

Your dog Snax isn’t sure about you yet, but she’ll love you once you start to play with her.

I’m glad you’re finally here buddy. I can’t wait to watch you grow up and discover all the wonder this world holds.

I love you little buddy.


  1. congrats! i can't wait for my "alien" to come too...

  2. OK- so I have now melted into a puddle! This is so beautiful! Keep up the blog....what a wonderful keepsake this will be for Kyler once he learns to read....blessings to you and your wonderful family :-)

  3. OOPS- I didn't quite finish- anonymous is me- Marika (obviously not too techno-savvy!!!)

  4. I already knew you were eloquent and tear evoking but this was fabulous. He's going to love this when he reads it one day!


  5. My Hand prints

    Tiny hand prints grow so fast
    Their awkward groping soon will clasp
    A ball, a book a sweetheart's hand
    A diploma, briefcase, a wedding band

    Tiny hand prints grow so strong
    It doesn't take them very long
    To snap a shirt, to paint, to draw
    To work hard , to drive a car

    Tiny hand prints grow to be
    A person that is quite unique
    A wonderful mix of so many things
    With his own feelings, thought and dreams

    Tiny hand prints grow to rely
    On his parents to bring him up just right
    His parents pray that when he's grown
    He'll say their job has been well done

    Tiny hand prints are ours to love
    The sweetest gift from God above
    A miracle that never is surpassed
    How sad they grow up way to fast -

  6. Congratulations AJ & Crystal. I know that you are going to enjoy the little guy as much as I enjoy mine. Congrats to the grandparents as well and may God Bless you all.