Monday, June 27, 2011

City Chase 2011

City Chase 2011 is now in the record books, and I'd say it was a successful one.

My partner dropped out of the race a couple months ago due to a pregnancy, so I asked my sister to fill-in and she agreed. I don't think she knew what was in store for her.

City Chase is a race to 10 points or 10 completed challenges. Last year we finished those 10 challenges in just over 4 hours. This year we picked up our tenth point before the 3 hour mark, but since a few teams had already crossed the finish line ahead of us, we decided to keep going and see how many points we could get. We ended up with 16 points in just under 6 hours.

We completed challenges that involved diving into a pool to find a hockey puck with our number, pulling/pushing a car into a parking spot, ice cream taste testing, sled hockey, wheelchair basketball, hitting a target with water from a fire hose,
having a tarantula crawl up my shoulder,

and navigating a hamster ball through a water course.

I was impressed with how well we did, and how well my 100-pound sister held up to the running, gross challenges and frustrations with her Blackberry.

She has already said she wants to do it next year, but she'll have to find another partner. In our wedding vows Crystal and I promised to be partners in these sorts of races.

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  1. Wow, city race sounds like an amazing adventure, thanks for sharing.