Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haircut Anxiety

I got my haircut yesterday, and (as usual) it was a tense time for me. You see I've been searching for a hairdresser for the past year or so. (Ever since the place I was going jacked up their price).

I got a gift certificate at Christmas for a salon in the mall, and though I had walked by countless times, I never thought of going in. But free is the right price, so I decided to give it a shot.

I arrived a couple minutes early and found the receptionist with her nose in a Stephen King novel.

"[cough] excuse me, I'm here for my 4:30 with April."
"Yup, can I get your coat?"
She takes my hoodie, opens the closet doors and hangs it up between a what looks like an animal pelt and a snowboard jacket.

I turn around and try to guess which one of the chain-smoking cougars is "April." I'm starting to feel a little uneasy about my choice. The receptionist leads me to the back where April, (a pretty, mid-thirties blonde) greets me with a smile.

I let out a relieved sigh, happy that my female hairdresser does not have a deeper voice than I do, and she looks "normal".

April washes my hair and leads me back to the front where we talk about work, family and how I like working at a Christian radio station.
(Apparently she used to listen when the french guy was on)
20 minutes later I emerge with significantly less air, and a haircut I'm not upset with.
***Side Note: I never like my hair right after it's cut.***

Overall, a good experience. Will I go back? Probably. Until they jack up their prices.

Anyone else experience similar haircut anxiety? I fear I'll end up looking like this guy.


  1. a big fat 'amen' to haircut anxiety! fortunately for me, i have found my follicle's soul mate, and she is only a short walk from my home.

    as for price, i'd rather not talk about it... :-)

  2. So you also have the haircut anxiety gene... must have inherited that from me.