Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Work & No Play

This summer has been hard on me. I haven't booked any vacation because we're saving that week off for when we move (hopefully) in December. So every day from May-September I'm in the office. No big deal, I thought, I still get long weekends, and I can go to the beach on the days I don't have meetings. Not exactly.

I think I've gone skimboarding twice this summer. Haven't spent much time at the beach at all actually. I set a goal for myself earlier this year, paddle from Centennial beach to the edge of Big Bay Point. I haven't been out on a board at all this year. So what happened? It's been a stupid busy summer. Trying to get the condo ready to go on the market, trying to squeeze in beach tour stops, birthday party planning, and random errand running have taken up a chunk of my free time.

Is this just a season, or is this what happens as we "mature" and take on more responsibility? Maybe it's because I never sat down and planned out some time off? I just figured it would happen. Whatever the reason, I feel like I'm going crazy. I have this deep-seeded need to travel. To board a plane/train, to drive for an extremely long period of time, to discover places I have never been, to chase excitement and adventure.

Maybe this is why God instituted the sabbath? Not so that we'll be forced to head to church, sing pretty songs in unison with our neighbours and write a cheque to the church. But so that we can escape the daily grind and recharge. Maybe instead of working on Sunday after church I need to force myself to do nothing. No work at the office, no grocery shopping, no cleaning, no laundry. Maybe go for a hike, or go canoe the nottawasaga. Go take in some nature, and spend some time with the creator of this beautiful part of Ontario.

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  1. If you love skimming that much, then you need to take control of your life - and just do it. Since skimming is "weather-pending", promise yourself to go no matter what. I bike in the rain. I still love biking and it's better than regret.