Wednesday, June 10, 2009


For me the hilite of the Wakeboard Weekend wasn't the wakeboarding. (that's weird) It was a leap off a 47 foot cliff into the 45 degree water.

As our wakeboarding session was wrapping up on Saturday I asked if there were any cliffs we could jump before heading back to Widjiitiwin. Our guide (Tim) said "oh yeah" and took us to this cliff in Port Sydney. From the boat it didn't seem so high so I climbed up and what I saw made my knees shake. It was HIGH! I was so scared to jump off this thing. I had jumped off a 25 foot cliff before, but this was twice that. It took a while but I sucked it up and threw myself off the edge. WHAT A RUSH! Seriously it was amazing. So good I climbed up and did it again.

Had I not sucked up my fear I would have missed out on something amazing. Now I'm glad I did it.

Have you ever been scared to do/try something, but once you faced that fear and did it you loved it?

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