Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why I Can't Wait...

... for our new house! We get it in the fall of 2009, but I can't wait that long. Why? Here are a couple good reasons:
1 - We can just let Snax out to relieve herself
Right now we have to get dressed and wait for the elevator and take her out back. Once we have a house she can just head out the back door.

2 - Snax will be fit
Right now she is stuck inside our condo, with no real room to run around. Once we have a house we'll have a backyard and a lot more room inside for her to roam.

3 - BBQ's
After church on Sunday we can have friends over and have a BBQ in our backyard. Right now we aren't allowed BBQ's (for good reason) and we don't have room for more than 5 people. Once we get our house we can have a regular Sunday afternoon meal with our friends!

4 - Entertaining
Similar to reason #3, once in a house, we can host get-togethers. Whether it's New Years Eve, Easter, Christmas Dinner with the Fam, etc. we'll be able to entertain. I love having people over, and it will happen a lot more once we have the new digs.

5 - Home Renos
I like projects. I'll be able to build a deck, finish the basement, eventually ugrade the kitchen and bathroom. You know, do typical man stuff.

6 - Storage
I hope it won't turn into a landfill situation where we keep everything that comes into the house, but some more storage space would be nice. I continually find things we got as wedding gifts that I had no clue we owned because we've got stuff stored all over the condo. Plus then we won't have to store stuff at my parents house in the 'Saug.

7 - My Car
Your car? Yes. My car. I'll be able to wash it in the driveway, vacccum out the inside and keep it lookin' hot once we have a garage/driveway.

Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of things I will miss about the condo (Pool? Proximity to downtown? Chasing ducks with the dog?) but the prospect of a house is so exciting! I can get my Tiki Hut in the backyard!