Thursday, February 15, 2007


I had a little mishap yesterday. I was wearing my winter boots when I came to work, (I shouldn't cause they are hard to drive in). I parked my car out back, and grabbed my stuff, ready for work. My foot however got stuck between the gas and break pedals, it didn't seem to want to come to work with me. My solution, pull until it decides to release itself. In the process I twisted my knee somewhat awkwardly, hurt myself, BUT I did get my foot free. My knee was hurting all through my show, so after I got off I decided to go to the hospital and get it checked. Turns out I sprained (or maybe strained) my ACL. That means I am on crutches today.

Here's where it gets bad... When people ask what happened, I don't have a cool story to tell them. I didn't climb a tree to save a cat, I didn't dive in front of a bus to save an old lady, I didn't even do it playing a sport! I'm on crutches because I struggle getting out of my car. VERY embarrassing! Hopefully I will be able to walk on my own in a couple days.