Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Things Friday - Canada Day Edition

It's the return of Favorite Things Friday!

In honor of Canada Day this weekend, my 3 favorite places in Canada.

We took family ski vacations out to Kelowna in my high school years, and I fell in love. Nestled in the rocky mountains, with warm weather down by the lake (even in winter) and an hour drive into the mountains for fresh powder. It's an unreal place, and easily my favorite place in Canada.

Crystal and I went to Quebec City 2 years ago for our anniversary and both loved it. It felt as though we were walking around the street of Europe. I'd find myself pulling Canadian money out of my wallet and thinking: "it's so weird that they accept Canadian money here." The European vibe, food and awesome price make it #2 on the list.

Whenever LIFE has an event in Muskoka I volunteer. I can't pinpoint one specific thing, but I love spending time in Muskoka. Whether it's enjoying a coffee at Seven Main, lunch at Just Crepes, or a scoop of Marty's World Famous Buttertart ice cream, Muskoka is a beaut. The fact I have lots of friends to visit in Muskoka helps it rise up to #3 on my list.

Your turn. What's your favorite place to visit?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where'd You Go?

Without much warning, 8 and a half weeks ago I disappeared. I'm sorry for scaring some of you, but I was given an amazing opportunity that I couldn't say 'no' to.

Crystal had this crazy idea that I take the final 8 weeks of parental leave, and she'll go back to work.

8 weeks of vacation in May & June? Sure!

I don't think she offered to be nice. There was an ulterior motive.

It was no vacation, the first week or two was intense! Here I was, thinking Crystal just watched tv all day while the baby entertained himself or slept. Not even close.

There was laundry to do.
Baby food to make.
Grocery shopping to do.
Meals to cook.
A house to try and keep (somewhat) clean.
PLUS a baby to entertain/play with/educate/watch.

Once I got over the initial shock of how much work needed to be done, I really started to enjoy it. Kyler and I would go to the park, play in the backyard, go grocery shopping together and play with his toys.

It was amazing how much he grew up in those 8 short weeks. He's climbing (up and down) stairs, laughing and playing more, walking along furniture and even communicating via grunts and finger points.

Now that the 8 weeks is over, I look back and have a much greater appreciation for the work Crystal did for the first 10 months, and I feel like Kai and I have bonded in a way that might not have happened had I just worked over those 2 months. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Will I miss being a stay-at-home dad? Yes, but coming in to work provides a nice break in my day. 
(Just kidding Scott, you keep me plenty busy.)