Monday, January 28, 2013

There's Something About Muskoka

I look forward to it every year, the Muskoka Christian School hockey tournament in Bala. It's held in the coldest arena known to man, but it's easily one of the best events I attend every year.

There's something about Muskoka, I feel like it's a better fit for me.

I grew up in the GTA, but learned to love the outdoors. Camping trips, downhill biking, swimming in Georgian Bay, ski trips to the rockies; I'm hardwired for outdoor pursuits. That's why Muskoka resonates with me.

While only one hour apart, there is a world of difference between Barrie and Muskoka people.

Barrie people are into music. Muskoka people are into sports.
Barrie people love their tv shows. Muskoka people love their atv's and snowmobiles.
Barrie people go to the beach to get a tan. Muskoka people go to the beach to wakeboard.

There are other differences, (like the distance to the closest grocery store or lack of a movie theatre), but those are the first ones that came to mind.

While not for everyone, I love Muskoka.
Who's with me?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Favorite Things Friday - January 25

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Line Dancing With Jesus

We celebrated my sister's birthday a couple weeks ago. I asked her what she wanted, and she said: "I want you to come line dancing with me."

NICE! That's an easy gift to get her.

So, Saturday we made our way to Mississauga and planned on heading to Nashville North for some line dancing fun.

Wednesday nights they put on line dancing lessons, and Saturdays are line dancing nights. I didn't realize that the Wednesday beginners don't go on Saturday nights. Saturday nights are reserved for the people who know what they are doing.

I was not one of those people.

It was a little quite awkward being one of the only people in the building that didn't know the dances. I was bumping into people, straining my neck to try and watch the people around me to get a sense of where this dance was headed. It left me feeling uncomfortable and like I was invading their (the people who knew what they were doing) space.

Ever think of Sunday morning like that?

We know the steps to the Church dance.
When to sit, when to stand.
When to sing.
When to shake hands.

It might seem like second nature to those of us who attend on a regular basis, but what about the guy who is there for the first time? The guy who is bringing his kids and has no idea what the protocol is for checking his kids in to children' ministry. Who doesn't understand why it's called a ministry. Isn't that a government thing?

Fresh eyes see things that we miss, simply because we've been in the environment for so long. Just like you noticing things in a friend's house that they miss, a new person sees things and systems in a way that you might not.

If someone walked into your church for the first time would they feel awkward as everyone around them dances through Sunday morning with ease, while they stumble and struggle to figure out the next step?

How can we make it easier for someone to show up at church for the first time and join in as we line dance with Jesus?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Job... A Fable?

As the Naked Bible Club got together last night the discussion made it's way to Job, and apparently there is a theory that Job wasn't an actual person, that it's a fable.


I'd never heard that before.

I scoured the interweb looking for definitive proof that the book of Job is  not a historical of a real person, but couldn't find anything solid.

Anyone with a fancy Bible degree care to weigh in and set the record straight?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Favorite Things Friday - January 11

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sticking To My Resolutions

I made 3 resolutions for 2013
1 - Read through the Bible in a year.
2 - Earn my NFPA seals by the end of the year.
3 - Paddle across Georgian Bay from the Western shore to the cottage by the end of the year.

I also have some things I'd like to do more of (goals), but not quite resolutions.
- Drink 2 litres of water each day
- Talk to my parents on the phone or in person at least once a week.
- Go to the gym 3 times a week

There's a group of about 5 guys that are reading through the Bible this year along with me, (or maybe I'm doing it along with them?), and we elected to do the chronological plan. We've read through the creation story, the flood and now we've arrived at Job.

Job? Before Moses and the Exodus?


I have found the book of Job to be pretty tough. It's a lot of Job complaining, and his friends pointing fingers at him saying this is God's judgement on his life. It's not a very uplifting portion of scripture. 

Full disclosure - I dread reading my Bible right now.

Each day I've come to praying that somehow God would speak to me through the daily passage, and he has. I can see myself in Job's friends. Searching for reasons why God is punishing him. Pointing the finger at every time Job missed an opportunity to feed a beggar or clothe a widow. 

If life sucks, it must be because of some unconfessed sin. 
You are a sinner, God's holding you at arms length.

Why do we assume God is this cosmic vending machine in the sky? We put in enough good deeds, enough acts of service, enough time in prayer and The Word, and then his blessings will flow.

Job asks why the wicked prosper, while the righteous suffer. We ask that question too don't we? 
Why does he get the promotion?
Why does God heal her mom of cancer, while my sister dies?
Why does he get to party and enjoy life, accept God at 60, and we both still make it to heaven?
We feel like we live a 'better' life than they do, so we should get the reward.

Romans lays it out pretty clear:
For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. - Rom 3:23
So none of us deserve the reward. 
We all fall short of the bar.
And that's the beauty of grace.

I'm still sticking to my resolution, but I still can't wait to be through the book of Job.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Favourite Things Friday - January 4

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