Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Regular Season Baseball in the Wraps

With the White Sox winning tonight, the 2008 regular season is now in the books. So looking back, here are some of the best hightlights... of the year... from the people in the stands... avoiding Baseball bats

Enjoy the link (CLICK HERE)


Monday, September 29, 2008

For Star Wars Fans


So I am not a hardcore Star Wars fan, they are ok, but they just do not float my boat for me, but I have seen all six movies, and I fell on to this site, where the concept art for the three prequel movies had been "leaked" too. There is some interesting designs in there, so give the link a shot.

Star Wars Concept Art


Saturday, September 27, 2008

My New Baby

After over a year and a half of saving up my Gametrailers points, I have finally gotten enough hits on my little page and watched enough trailers, that I had enough to finally buy her, and tomorrow I am picking it up... YEAH... (Scroll down for pics)


Friday, September 26, 2008

I feel better about my place

A lot of times, when you are looking at your place, you think... "This place sucks". Suddenly, I have a new respect for mine. This is a place in Houston, Texas. Pretty nasty. I cannot believe this went up on the market


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Greatest YouTube Video EVER

So I ran across this today, and I still cannot believe what I saw. First off, yes, it's a video commercial, I know I am pretty addicted to games, but even for non-gamers you will be inspired by the idea behind this video. It starts off a little slow, but just let it build



Monday, September 22, 2008

Only for People Who Like Feeling Stupid

A while back, I was kinda bored looking for something to do, and I have no IDEA how I fell into this, but it is something called Hexiom Connect. I tried it for the first few levels and I am feeling pretty smart. Next couple of levels, not so smart. After that, most of the time was just a struggle and some levels took (kid you not) over ten minutes. If you can get to level 25, you are genius and deserve win a Pulitzer Prize.

Hexiom Connect


Friday, September 19, 2008

Craigslist Love

I fell in love with craigslist today.  You see I've been wanted a longboard for the longest time, but never dug into the bank account to purchase one.  Just couldn't justify dropping the $400 to get one.  I mentioned this fact on one of the skimboard forums I'm a part of, and "bartman" tells me to check craigslist.  "Can't hurt" I say to myself and I check.  Nothing worthwhile.  They're still asking too much.  That was until Monday of this week.  I saw a posting for a ridiculous price!  So I contacted the seller in hopes that it hadn't sold already.  I got lucky.  So today I made my way down to Etobicoke and met up with Alex.  Turns out to be a girl who bought the longboard, rode it once and didn't like it.  So I got a nearly-new longboard for a fraction (a small fraction) of what a new one would cost.  Needless to say I'm a craigslist fan.

Have you scored on craigslist?  Let's share stories.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

18,000 emails

So last week, the office got a new computer, and I decided that I wanted to put my email on it. Now, I know this is weird, but I have this habit of collecting emails. For example, my home computer has emails from back in 2005, it's a little bit crazy. A while ago though, I was looking through my Life emails online and it asked, would I like to delete anything older then 30 days, and I VERY reluctantly said yes and I did this a couple of times.

Going back to my original point, I wanted to throw my email on the computer, so I got it all ready to go, and it starts pulling up emails... FROM A YEAR AGO. Big surprise to me. Over 18,500 emails. 1.95 Gigs. Around 10,000 Spam messages. Not good, but I decided I would let them download and then worry about it later. So now we are at email 18,100 (400 to go), Suddenly Norton pops up. Freaks out, and scares Outlook into some crazy panic, and then, it started to re-download all my old emails again. So I would get 18,500 replica emails... Yeah... I don't think so... I stopped it, and promised to just rant about it and get it out of my system, and I will feel better, and you know what. It did. Now I understand why the Wonderdog likes these so much

Later Days,


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Dude Is So Freakin' Smart!

Today was my day to run errands. In the car for much of the day, so I popped in a CD I had made of some North Point Podcasts. This particular podcast was Andy Stanley speaking on margin. (Margin is the extra you have. Extra time, extra energy, extra money, etc) It was the first of 6 messages, so it was kind of an introduction to the series. His point is that society today tries to diminish margin. People are packing their days so full of stuff they don't have time to enjoy life. People consume so much, that they are going into debt and going bankrupt. (When margin decreases, stress increases.)

Whenever I listen to Andy speak I am moved. The dude is so freakin' smart! He explains stuff in a way that is so simple, yet so profound. At one point he talked about how God laid out some guidelines for his people to establish margin. Taking one day a week and not doing any work. Didn't matter if their "to-do list" still had items on it, they took an entire day off. He also talked about money... how God told his people to live on 80%. 80%? Yeah 80 %! 10% went to the kingdom, and another 10% went to help the poor.

Now I've heard pastors preach on tithing, and how it's important, God will bless you, etc. (You've probably heard it all) But I had never heard anyone talk about that additional 10%. Wow! It blew me away. Another 10% for the poor. I like it! Why didn't I think of that?

As I listened to this message, I couldn't help but look at my life. Do I have margin? Am I squeezing margin out of my life? Yeah, I am. There are days when I don't have time to read my Bible. There are periods of time where I live at work. This past May when Crystal and I took a couple days off to go to the cottage was the first time in over a year and a half that we had spent 2 days in a row together. It's an on-going struggle in my life, and maybe in yours too.

So I encourage you to develop margin in your life. Enjoy life while you're young. You're only 20 once. Take a couple months and go to Europe. Find a way to live on 80% of your income. Give to the poor. Don't pack your schedule so full of stuff you run from one thing to another. Develop margin.

Check out the message series yourself... Buy it here or download it on iTunes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sneaky Cats

This is a re-post, but I think it's a worthy one. Mike Foster is one of the guys I follow on Twitter, and tonight he posted a gem. He posted a link over to his website with the caption "Sneaky Cats." I had to check it out. What I found was one of the creepiest videos I have ever seen. Almost makes me want to get a cat. Check it out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Talk About History

This weekend Crystal and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary, and part of the festivities included a ride on the Miss Midland. Now I grew up cottaging in the Midland/Penetanguishine area and had no idea of the history of the area. I found out on the boat cruise that Penetanguishine was a naval base during the war of 1812, Midland was home to Jesuit missionaries in the 1700's, The pope visited in 1984 and 2002 and there are thousands of shipwrecks in the waters of Georgian Bay. It was a really fun cruise, loaded with scenery and some really interesting history lessons. I don't want to spoil it, so if you have a free afternoon and $20, head up to the town of Midland and hop aboard the Miss Midland and enjoy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hurricane Ike is headed for Texas and it's hurting us here 2,500km away in Central Ontario. I got a bunch of calls from concerned motorists, claiming gas has gone up as much as $0.20/litre because of the storm. Supposedly they've shut down 90% of the refineries in Texas and that means gasoline will be in short supply. With gas prices going through the roof, how do you plan on getting around for the next couple weeks? Driving? Riding your bike? Walking?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God Particle?

Does this scare anyone else?
Scientists are afraid this could cause a black hole and swallow the entire earth! They compare it to Columbus sailing west in search of a new world, but if Columbus missed his mark the earth would not be swallowed whole.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sleepless Nights

I'm going golfing with my Dad tomorrow morning. This means I probably won't sleep tonight cause I'm too excited. I actually happens to me a lot. If I play hockey the next day, if I'm going skimming, going to a church service I'm looking forward to or if I'm super excited about something coming up. Some people lose sleep when they are nervous, I lose sleep when I'm excited. Is there anything that makes you lose sleep?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Late Night Snack

It's hard for me to make it through a 5-hour show without grabbing some sort of snack. Sometimes it's trail mix, yogurt or even a donut (I try not to, but sometiems I give in and splurge). Tonight it was a butter-tart. So my question to you is this: "What is your go-to late night snack?"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gratuitous Mullet Action

When we talk about the YouTube Challenge and say the video can be about anything... we mean anything! As long as you have the Life 100.3 logo somewhere in there. It could be a video tour of your house, you trying to give your dog a bath, or maybe some mullets?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Apology

You've probably heard of the worship leader from Australia that claimed he had cancer, and even penned a song called "Healer" about the whole scenario. Well it turns out the whole thing was a fake and he's been exposed. But wait! There's more. He did an interview with an Australian tv station to explain how it all came about. It's pretty interesting.

Can you accept his apology?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer Comes Late

I got up this morning, looked up the weather forecast, and knew what I had to do. Sunny and 30+ degrees meant I had to head to the beach and throw down a skim session for the first time in over 5 weeks. It was a perfect day. Loads of sunshine, no clouds and an empty beach. Yeah brah, there may have been 10 people at the beach. Last weekend the beach was wall-to-wall people, but not today. Ya know, I wasn't a big fan of the chilly summer we had, but if it means we get a scorcher of a fall, with no crowds at my local break, then I'm all for it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy Weekend!

It was an eventful Labour Day weekend, complete with cliff jumping, a scavenger hunt, cottage time and a proposal. Yeah that's right, love is in the air!

Here's the story...
Saturday Crystal put together a scavenger that sent us all over Barrie looking for clues. (How long does it take to drive around Georgian Mall driving 40 km/h or take a picture of a mullet, etc) After the hunt concluded (with the guys team winning) we made our way up to the cottage. We played Cranium well into the night and once we got tired of that headed down to the beach. Tim Maassarany brought his telescope, and it was a perfectly clear night with a TON of stars out. (It was spectacular) The 5 of us (Mark, Tim, Roz, Crystal and Me) lay on the beach gazing at the blanket of diamonds strewn across the black velvet sky and soaked in the moment. I brought out my camera and tripod and started taking pictures of the night sky. Crystal and I posed for a photo (trying to stay very still for the 30 second exposure time) and it turned out pretty nice. So Tim and his girlfriend Roz decided they wanted one too. The first time they weren't standing quite straight so they tried again and it was gold. Still Tim wanted one more shot. As they lined up, Tim kneeled and I hit the shutter. Roz may have said: "What are you doing, stand up" but then she caught on. Tim was popping the big question! She said yes, and wanted to hug Tim, but he stopped her saying: :"NO! You have to stay totally still for the picture to turn out right." She moved a little bit, but you can't really blame her. I still think the picture turned out pretty sweet.